I Will Make You Mine
I Will Make You Mine
Surrogate Valentine 3 - a film by Lynn Chen


surrogate valentine 3 - a film by lynn chen



Three women wrestling with difficulty in their love lives confront their past relationships with the same man: a retired musician-turned-father.

Surrogate Valentine (2011) Trailer

In Dave Boyle's Surrogate Valentine (2011) we met Rachel, musician Goh Nakamura's high school crush. His sequel Daylight Savings (2012) introduced us to two more potential love interests, Erika and Yea-Ming.

Daylight Savings Trailer (2012)

Six years have passed since then, and I Will Make You Mine continues through the eyes of these women. Each woman has a flawed history with Goh, yet they believe he may be the answer to their problems.

How much has Goh really changed? Can he finally make a choice?

I Will Make You Mine is a bittersweet story of growing up while continuing to reach for the familiar, all set to the real-life soundtrack of Goh Nakamura and Yea-Ming Chen.



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Filming writer/director Dave Boyle's SurrogateValentine and its sequel,Daylight Savings, were among my fondest movie memories. Not only did I enjoy the process of working on such a comfortable set, I was introduced to the talented Goh Nakamura - now a close friend. It felt like a family, once we were wrapped and promoting around the country (both films premiered at SXSW).

I Will Make You Mine is a reunion. I've always been curious about what ended up happening to all of these characters I loved getting to know. I feel it's important to finally offer the female perspective - to go deeper into the lives of these women and see how they think and operate when they're not around Goh.

Through these women, we see three different perspectives about living a reality that feels less than what life promised. What it feels like to revisit a part of yourself that was once hopeful. Remembering a past love, the person you were. Can you still be that person? 

I plan to honor the stories that Dave so thoughtfully crafted in the first two films - Bill Otto, our original Director of Photography, will continue to capture the casual, musical mood that audiences and critics loved.

- Lynn Chen

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  • 2011 SXSW Film Festival (Nominated: Audience Award - Emerging Visions)
  • 2011 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (Won: Audience Award - Best Narrative)
  • 2011 San Diego Asian Film Festival (Won: Grand Jury Prize)
  • 2011 Dallas International Film Festival (Won: Special Jury Prize - Special Achievement: Acting)
  • 2011 BAM CinemaFest
  • 2011 Seattle Film Festival
  • 2011 Cleveland International Film Festival
  • 2011 Dallas International Film Festival
  • 2012 SXSW Film Festival (Nominated: Audience Award - 24 Beats Per Second)
  • 2012 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (Nominated: Jury Award)
  • 2012 VC Film Festival (Nominated: Grand Jury Prize - Best Narrative Feature)
  • 2012 Hawaii Film Festival
  • 2012 Cleveland International Film Festival